About me

Who I am and what I'm doing.

Hello and welcome to my blog! Nice that you have found your way here.

My name is Bernd, I was born in Germany in 1986 and I am from half German and half Filipino descent. Until recently, I was working as a software developer and designer, but then I decided to give up my job and to discover the world as a backpacker. On the 27th of february 2016 I start my journey travelling through Russia and then through Japan.

I launched this blog to document my experiences and adventures of this journey and to share them with other travel enthusiasts. I hope they are interesting and help you either with your own travel arrangements or give you an insight into places that are not on the top of your bucketlist but still places you wanna know about.

If you have questions because there are things you wanna know more about then just write me an email via the contact form or use the comment function here or on other social media and I try help you as best as I can. Enjoy and have fun!