Cherry blossoms everywhere - but not seen as much as I hoped for

April 4, 2016 in Working Holiday in Japan

The last few days were rather quiet. On Friday I was doing sightseeing in Shibuya. Once you get used to the immense amount of people and the colorful lights, see the different city parts look more or less the same. I was looking for a live music bar and after some time of walking around I could find one. But since it was already late, it was not worth it to pay the entrance fee. Here in Tokyo they shut down the subway trains at around midnight already. So you either go early or have to stay through the night. I chose the former and returned to the Condo.

This weekend I spent mostly in a benkyo café and learned Japanese. Actually, it was planned to have a great sakura sightseeing tour on sunday, but it rained and so we didn’t go. Only in the evening we went to watch some cherry blossoms. Yuichiro has brought us to Chidorigafuchi. You can rent a boat there and paddle in a moat. Due to some strong winds and overcrowding we could not use the boats but we were still able to enjoy the surroundings and I could take some nice pictures. After that we went to a night market to eat something. Yuichiros girlfriend Aki was also with us.

Starting today, Yuichiro is for a week on vacation and has entrusted to me his apartment. Really cool of him :). I moved into the bedroom and Kelly into the guest room. Otherwise it was a normal day with one exception: A few days ago my shirt had fallen from the balcony and then lay on the roof of a kindergarten….

Tokio_Impressionen_29032016-1.jpgThere it lay!

Today I was able to retrieve it! I just had to explain the situation at the kindergarten and I could retrieve it. Yay!

Impressions from 03.04.2016

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