A trip to the Detskii Mir Mall (Children's World Mall)

A 6 floors large mall just for kids? Cool these russians!

February 28, 2016 in A journey through Russia

Today I explored Moscow by foot. I just followed the road towards the city center without a concrete goal to have. First, I had breakfast in a cafe. I had a latte macchiato with crepes. Then I wandered on. In Moscow there are many underground-passes. Within these underground-passes there are small shops where you can buy a variety of things. As I walked around, I became aware of crowds that went determined in a certain direction. Curious as I am, I joined them and after a while I found myself in a mall. Since I already know great malls of the Philippines I know that these offer enough attractions to easily spend half a day there. However, this one specific mall was amazing. I have never seen a mall which is created with so much attention to the little details like this one. It was as if products and environment merge. Everywhere there are elaborate made decorations. In the Star Wars section for example there was a huge (real scale?) Millennium Falcon shown. Also I was lucky, because apparently the time when I was there, there was some kind of honorable ceremony going on in the center of the mall. Although I did not understand what it was, the ceremonies were punctuated by insanely good vocal performances. I love live music! Some of them I could hold on video and therefore I can share them to you :-)

After I had made it out of the mall I really wanted to go back to the hostel. On the way back I got aware of an exhibition. The exhibition was called “Magic Light”. It was mostly an exhibition that showed holographic motifs where the viewing angle was important for them to unfold their effect. Unfortunately, most of the instructions were in Russian and there was no proper English speaking employees there. Therefore, it was a limited experience for me and more or less reduced on the viewing of images. But still the pictures was great and worth to see :-) Back at the hostel, I learned that the mall was not a typical mall, but a mall extra for children. This explains a bit, why it is decorated with so much attention to detail. Going outside without a special goal and experience beautiful things is really great.

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