Sightseeing in Ikebukuro and then to the cinema

March 26, 2016 in Working Holiday in Japan

Yoruichi doesn’t have to work on weekends and because he is a consultant, he wanted to study in a library today. The library is located in Ikebukuro and since I was not there yet and there is also a lot to see (for example a Pokemon Center) I decided to go there with him.

Tokio_Impressionen_26032016-49.jpg “Ikebukuro (池袋?, [ikebu͍ku͍ɽo]) is a commercial and entertainment district in Toshima, Tokyo, Japan. Toshima ward offices, Ikebukuro station, and several shops, restaurants, and enormous department stores are located within city limits. At the center of Ikebukuro is the train and subway station, a huge urban gathering shared by the JR East lines, the Seibu Ikebukuro Line and the Tōbu Tōjō Line. It is one of the main commuter hubs in the western Yamanote area of Tokyo. Ikebukuro Station is the third busiest station in Japan, and the world.” To Wikipedia

After having spent my time again with sightseeing in the evening we went to a cinema. Batman vs. Superman. There I’ve learned something interesting: Many Japanese prefer to watch Western films in English and with Japanese subtitles. If a “non-Japanese” talks Japanese, that is something odd to them.

Impressions from 26.03.2016

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