Kannon-ura Ichiyo-zakura Matsuri Festival

Singing and acting in Asakusa

April 10, 2016 in Working Holiday in Japan

The weekdays from Monday the 4th to Friday the 8th nothing special happened. In the mornings I had Japanese lessons and the afternoons I spent in the Condo. There I continued to learn Japanese and watched the first season of the anime series Code Geass.

On Saturday the 9th I went to Asakusa. Another district of Tokyo. In addition to the Sensō-ji and Asakusa Shrine I also attended the Edo Yoshiwara Oiran-dochu Procession. This is part of the longer-term and annual Kannon ura Ichiyo-zakura Matsuri festival. The procession began at 10:30 and ended at 16:00. During this time, various performances by schools and clubs from around the area are shown on a stage. The final performance is a spectacle with geishas.

Some of the performances I have captured on video:

  • Part 1: Start and schoolband performance
  • Part 2: Dancing and Singing from Schoolgirls
  • Part 3: Fox Dance
  • Part 4: Samurai exhibition fight
  • Part 5: Geisha presentation

Especially the sword fights have fascinated me. I think I have to visit a dojo for some trial training sessions ;-). The Geisha performance at the end consisted of two parts. The second part was not recorded because unfortnately I drained all the battery.

I could not find out what this Geisha presentation was about. Unfortunately, my Japanese is not good enough to understand what was said there.

Another cool thing was that I met another German during the festival. I could talk with him about the event and Japan in general. He later made me some suggestions of places where I also could go for sightseeing.

After the presentation was over, I strolled around Asakusa a little longer, ate something and then I went back to the condo.

Now the last week of my Japanese course begins and I already have to think about what happens next. Should I continue to travel or should I find a job and work for a few months? I think both have their charm. The next few days I will decide.

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