Fourth day to travel and already sick.

March 1, 2016 in A journey through Russia

I was afraid this might happen, and today the flu has fully caught me. The whole day I was in bed and slept or surfed the Internet. Only once I went out for something to eat and to shop. In the morning I woke up briefly, because there was quite loud discussions. Apparently there was no water in the hostel and that caused some hot tempers. I didn’t mind it, because when I was stood up later the water got back. Bogdan was not there because he has no duty yesterday and today. Instead Lubja and Veronika were there. Veronika went to the pharmacy for me and brought a nasal spray and a powder for colds, so I do not have to go myself. I really like the hospitality in this hostel. I hope tomorrow I feel better to some extent, so that I can get out again to visit Moscow. Tomorrow is the last day that’s fully available and I was not even in the Kremlin. The day after tomorrow I will be already moving onwards to Yekaterinburg.

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