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And then to Nakano

April 16, 2016 in Working Holiday in Japan

How quickly time passes. Yesterday was my last day at the school and as it is usually kept in that place all students leaving that school have to hold a short speech and were given a certificate of attendance. What you learn in three weeks is of course not a lot but in my view it is sufficient to have a basic understanding. Here is the “very simple” speech I held:


にほんはきれいなくにですね。にほんでりょこうすることもすきです。 でも、にほんじんとえいごではなすことはすこしむずかしいです。 なので、さんしゅうかん、Genkijacsでにほんごをべんきょうしました。 せんせいたちはやさしいです。がくせいたちもやさしいです。 とてもたのしいじかんでした。


Hello everybody,

Japan is a beautiful country, is not it? I like to travel Japan. However, speaking in English with Japanese people is a little bit difficult. Therefore, I studied at the GenkiJACS language school Japanese for 3 weeks. The teachers are very friendly. Students are also very friendly. It was a very nice time.

Thank you so much!

During the three weeks we have come from Chapter 3 to Chapter 6. So to compare it, three weeks at this school are similar to a semester at the FH in Germany.. But what is much more important for me is that now I feel much more secure when traveling through Japan. Even in places where no one speaks English I am able to express myself fundamentally with a bit of Japanese and also using my hands and feet. So I do not stay in front of people without knowing a word to say.

When I think back to my stay in Russia and also think of that I will be a full year here in Japan, it was definitely worth it. For those who are interested in what school I attended: Click here to get to their website.

After I said goodbye to all the members of that school, there was still some time left to further explore Tokyo. This time I went to Nakano. I had learned from a classmate that in the Nakano Broadway there are many small shops selling anime/manga characters/figures and since my sister had asked me for a couple of figures, I chose to go there. In fact, this place must be a paradise for manga and anime lovers, because on three floors there were only those stores. I took my time to look at everything and took a few pictures.

Unfortunately, the desired figures were not there. It felt strange, but my “former” classmates have already guessed this would be the case, since the figures are from previous editions and were possibly already taken from the season.

After that I went into a Maid Café. I already was in such a place with Yuichiro, but we’ve been there only for a short time and I could not catch enough of the ambience.

In this place there are only female employees in sweet costumes and every half hour there is a dance performance of the girls. It is not allowed to take pictures but everything is aiming to be sweet and cute. At least I was allowed to take pictures of the food. It was quite funny there but I can’t imagine to become a regular customer.

I still don’t know how I will proceed with my Journey from now on. Making a decision is not easy. The next week I will still stay in Tokyo. There are some parts of the city that I have not seen yet.

Impressions from 15.04.2016

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