Oktoberfest 2016 in Odaiba, Tokyo

The first time on an octoberfest

May 4, 2016 in Working Holiday in Japan

On the first of May Yuichiro and I planned to attend a BBQ MeetUp (MeetUp is a social networking platform. It is used to host manage group meetings. Click here for more information). We arrived at a later time and it was very crowded already. So we decided to leave the place and to go somewhere else.

As we were already in Shinkiba, it made sense to go to Tukisa to eat Monjyayaki there. This is a Japanese specialty and this district of Tokyo is well known for it. Then Yuichiro had the idea to stroll around the area with bicycles. We borrowed two electric bicycles and drove off. The weather was excellent for cycling.

During the trip, I became aware of an event of Subaru. The automaker was holding an event there, where some of his models could be tried out. Also, there was a live stage and other activities such as a mountain bike obstacle course or race track for remote controlled cars.

We decided to park the bicycles and to go to this event. Unfortunately, it was already closing time. When i saw the event, there was still a gig on the stage but when we walked inside it already stopped. Therefore we left the event quite quickly.

We continued to stroll the area and suddenly I made an incredible discovery: An Oktoberfest! I am aware that this german event can be found everywhere in the world and now I’ve actually found one! It was clear to us, that we will go there. On one of the stalls we ordered something to eat (sausage with potato salad, fries and schnitzel) and drinks (beer) and sat at a table. It was the first Oktoberfest for me. I have never visited the original one in germany. As we sat at the table we met three exchange students. One came from Taiwan and two from Korea. It was fun talking and listening to the music.

Typical Oktoberfest music was playing at the stage. There were probably not many people who understood the lyrics, but everyone had fun.

How my journey continues

Having spent a long time in Tokyo it’s finally the time to announce that i will move to another place by tomorrow. Namely to Nagoya. Not by bus, not by train. No, … by bike! I bought a used one for 80 €, which I’ve tested for the last two days. Although I am not sure if it will survive, I will simply give it a try. I will not reach Nagoya in one day, so I have been thinking of a route and waypoints. The waypoints indicate places with hotels so I can stay there once i reach it.

For this journey it is the same as with my journey through Russia: The way is the reward! I’ll probably need one week to reach Nagoya but I take the time I need. I’ll be in the region near to Mount Fuji again and when the weather cooperates I can hopefully make some nice pictures again.

Impressions from 01.05.2016

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