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August 10, 2016 in Philippines

Almost a month has past since I have reached the Philippines. The first few days I spent in Manila before I took a bus and went to Catbalogan. Catbalogan is the capital of the eastern province of Samar. The journey took one and a half days and also included a crossing by ferry. Although it was a normal bus without reclining option it was not fully occupied and we made a sufficient amount of breaks. The ride was relatively pleasant. I reached Catbalogan in morning time and after I had checked into my Airbnb I could directly go explore the area.

In Catbalogan I stayed four days. During these days I explored the surrounding areas and in the evening I spent my time in Restobars with live music. The cityscape differs from other Philippine cities. There are only a few cars and u see mostly Tricycles (Half motorized and half not motorized). Therefore, the air here is better and it is even possible to walk on the road since there is not much traffic. I particularly enjoyed, that it is very untouristy but still beautiful. On a nearby island, which has been made accessible by road, there is a beautiful beach where I met two soldiers who enjoyed their day off and invited me for a beer. In the area there is quite a lot of Military. The 8th Infantry Division of the Philippines has its headquarters here. The guys even wanted to show the headquarters to me but unfortunately this is not possible without prior notice and this would have taken some days in advance.

After 4 days, the journey continued to Calbayog. Calbayog is a city which is also in the province of Samar and about two hours north from Catbalogan. Here I spent another two days and after that went by ship to my preliminary Destination towards Cebu where I now rented a little flat. Cebu City is located more centrally within the Philippine archipelago and is the capital of the Cebu province. The next few months I plan to stay here and will try to work as a freelancer in the IT business.

Many thanks to all the people that have followed my blog until now! I will not say that it ends here but it’s already become quieter in this blog and it will probably remain like this in the future. If you want to know when something new arises I would be glad if you subscribe to the newsletter :)

Impressions from 17.07.2016

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