First to a language school and then to the Shinjuku Gyoen Park

March 25, 2016 in Working Holiday in Japan

The last two days I was in contact with a language school. Before I start to tour Japan, I want to improve my Japanese even further. The school asked me today to come to their location in Shinjuku, so I went there. After a little small talk a little test was taken to determine my current level of Japanese. Of course, I had already forgotten a lot from my Japanese lessons back in Germany so they suggested me to join in a course that is a little less far than I was back then.

Fortunately this school bases on the same book as the course I had in Germany. Thus, it is quite comparable. My semester ended with completion of Chapter 3 and the course that begins Monday for me, then starts with chapter 3. So I have to repeat one chapter. Perhaps not that bad, so I can use the first time to refresh my knowledge.

3 weeks I’ll be studying at that school, so the next challenge will be to find a longer-term stay. My Airbnb goes until 30.3 so I still have a little time to find something. Unfortunately I cannot extend because it is fully booked until the end of April.

After at the language school everything was settled, I visited a small temple, It is located just around the corner from the school and I took a few pictures. Then I went to the Shinjuku Gyoen Park. Not even for free, because entering the park costs 200 yen. but therefore, it is a well-known park. Best known for the magnificent cherry blossoms.

The Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden
Tokio_Impressionen_25032016-75.jpg “Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden (新宿御苑 Shinjuku Gyoen?) is a large park with an eminent garden in Shinjuku and Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. It was originally a residence of the Naitō family in the Edo period. Afterwards, it became a garden under the management of the Imperial Household Agency of Japan. It is now a park under the jurisdiction of the national Ministry of the Environment.” To Wikipedia

I walked around there and made a lot more pictures. Even though it is not yet the perfect time for cherry blossoms there are already a few trees that are blooming.

When I left the park, it was already 18 o’clock and I went on to explore from the district Shinjuku. Shinjuku is also an incredibly busy district of Tokyo. Again, there was hardly a street that was not full of lights. The later it got, the more people flocked to Shinjuku. So many people that you could no more see the road. Today I was also able to make a few videos. At one point two girls had a little performance, probably as an advertisement for a restaurant, and at another point Batman and Superman was advertising for the movie that wen into cinema today. Unfortunately, I did not have my external microphone with me, so the sound is very poor.

After I had made enough photos and sightseeing I made my way back to the Condo.

Thanks for the lovely birthday greetings! I didn’t want to think about that it too much. Now that I am already out of my 20s ;-)

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