Time flies so fast

June 10, 2016

Now I’m for almost 2 weeks Thailand and the time passed by so quickly. At first I was three days in Bangkok and did some sightseeing. A typical Southeastasian metropolis. Then I took the train and boat to Koh Samui, Koh Tao and right now I’m on Koh Phangan. Here I stay for the next 5 days. On Koh Samui I just relaxed. On Koh Tao I did the Open Water Dive Course and here on Koh Phangan I will continue to relax. Thailand is really good for that. No wonder that it is such a popular destination. However, that’s why it is also very crowded with tourists. Although currently many hotels / hostels are underutilized, I find it more than too much. I do not like to see too many other tourists ;)

Impressions from Thailand

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