Not the experience I thought

May 30, 2016

My little stay in Vietnam is already over and I arrived in Bangkok. The first days in Vietnam I was a little shocked, that is why i didn’t go out a lot and rather stayed in the hotel and watched movies. I visited only two cities. Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City. What shocked me was that I could not go out without being bothered.

In the places I have previously visited, I oftentimes just went out without a real goal. Just to explore the area. To do this was not easy in Vietnam. Constantly some guy on motorcycle came up to me and asked in broken English: What you want? Where you go? Motorbike? Motorbike? If you refuse then he simply repeats the question and if you walk away he even follows. Is it a bit later in the evening then they additionally ask: You want Lady? Sexy Lady Good! Very very annoying. In Nha Trang it was particularly bad but also in Ho Chi Minh City I was not spared from this.

Whether this is the norm or whether I was in the wrong area? I dont know. Anyway, I could not walk around undisturbed as a single man. As far as I could observe, couples don’t get bothered. I would have liked to visit more places but after that experience I wasn’t in the mood anymore.

Impressions from Vietnam

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