From Tokyo to Yokohama to Atsugi to Gotemba

3 days on the road with a bicycle

May 8, 2016 in Working Holiday in Japan

Three days of traveling by bike. Time for a status report.

05.05.2015 : Tokyo -> Yokohama (~34km)

I started my trip at about 11:00 after I had breakfast and sent a small package back home. First destination: Yokohama. Distance: ~34 km. After about 2 hours I had lunch in a small restaurant and just before 16 clock I reached the hotel. Sometimes it went uphill but most of the time it went downhill, which made the cycling pleasant. Less pleasant were the narrow streets. Very often I had to get down of my bike because space was not enough when other cyclists or pedestrians crossed. The weather was basically very good for cycling. The sun was shining constantly. Unfortunately, I had a hard time seeing the navi-screen and therefore sometimes got the wrong way. Also I completely ignored the topic sunprotection. Revenge came in the form of sunburn on my arms ;(

06.05.2015 : Yokohama -> Atsugi (~40km)

I continued around 10 am after an extensive and delicious breakfast. Next goal: Atsugi. Distance: ~ 40 km. I arrived at about 18 o’clock in the hotel. This time it was cloudy and I must confess it was a much more pleasant ride without popping sun. This time there was quite a few parts really going uphill, so I had to get off and push. My physical condition is not the best. About 5 km before the hotel it started off raining a bit. I stood under but continued after a while because it did not stop and it wasn’t raining too hard. I passed some beautiful places but did not always get off my bike to make pictures. Therefore, there is only a few pictures i took.

07.05.2015 : Atsugi -> Gotemba (~51km)

The route to Gotemba was the longest and visually most beautiful but also the most challenging and dangerous, and the reason why I will not continue my bicycle tour through Japan. Even though the roads and paths two days earlier were not always spacious, so there was at least one area for pedestrians which one could use as a cyclist if one did not want to drive on the road. In the rural areas however, there are often no pedestrian or bicycle paths anymore. That means I had no choice and went down the street where I was constantly overtaken by cars and trucks. Some of them just kept only half a meter distance to me. The speed limit is 50km/h. I could imagine that someone fit and with a good bike can manage this but me with my Japanese 08/15 bike and the many luggage who sometimes needs a break felt very uncomfortable.

The bike tour was an interesting experiment but Japan may not be the most appropriate country for long-distance cycling. At least not the route that I took. Tomorrow I will sell my bike and go to Mishima. From there I will take the night bus to Osaka. I am really excited to see this city =)

Impressions from 05-07.05.2016

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