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Arrival and the first two days

March 24, 2016 in Working Holiday in Japan

On the morning of the 22nd i went to the airport of Vladivostok. The plane of S7 Airlines took off at about 13:10 and at 14:30 I was already in Japan. At the passport control I was then brought into another room because I enter under a Working Holiday Visa and the process is a little different from regular tourists. I received a Residence Card and I have to report to the authorities as soon as I stay for a period of 14 days or more in one place.

Then I was able to pick up my backpack. In Japan, there is apparently no scanners so the luggage is only examined directly. Luckily they only asked a few questions and then I was out. When I left with my luggage in the direction of the railway station there was a surprise again. A team of reporters was on site to interview incoming tourists and ask them questions. For example, why they have come to Japan and what they will do in Japan. When I saw them they were busy with an interview, so I thought I would not be noticed. However I probably spend too much time to orient myself, because they still came up to me. I then participated and was asked how long I will stay, what I will do, why I’m going to do that and so on. Stupidly, I have no information about what happens to the recording and also I don’t know which broadcast company is behind it. For whatever reason, it did not come to mind to ask that thing.

Next I went with the Narita Express towards Tokyo. Here I had an appointment at the Shimbashi Station with my Airbnb host for dinner. We went to a fish restaurant. We had raw fish with rice, vegetables and a soup. We talked, and he told me a bit about Tokyo. For the equivalent of one euro an hour you can rent electric bicycles in Tokyo. We did that and so we went driving through the area for a while. I think the last time I was on a bicycle is two years ago and now I was riding on an electric one with a huge backpack on my bag in a completely unknown city. That was really fun.

Later in his condo we ate a Japanese candy, drank a little peach wine and then went to sleep. He lives on the 14th floor of a tower block and from there is a really nice view of Tokyo. However, not on the typical sightseeing spots since the Condo is located in Hikarigaoka. That’s about 40 minutes from the center. Tokyo is an incredibly busy place. Everywhere lights, advertising, music. Many people on the streets. As I stood at the Shimbashi station the first hour I was just flabbergasted by all the impressions. And that’s not even the busiest station.

On the 23rd I went to explore the city. My goal was Akihabara, also known as electronic town. The district in Tokyo if you want to marvel at the latest technology highlights. When I arrived I was immediately overwhelmed again by the amount of impressions that exist there. In every corner something happens. Even in small side streets is something going on. I stayed for a while in Akihabara until Yoruichi (my host) had his work done. We then went to eat something and after that went to a music bar. taking pictures was forbidden, but I still made at least one image. There was a girl group who sang there.

On the 24th I stayed in Hikarigaoka area. I finally managed to send some things back to Germany and was at the barber to get a haircut. After that I went for a walk in Hikarigaoka Park. Some cherry blossoms are blooming already but the majority does not yet.

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